More 2011 Posters!

Here are the next two posters to raise funds for the 2011 festival. They are by Clare Dolan. The set of four posters are $40 and all of the money goes to the artists performing at the festival. Info on where to send money is above at the Contribute page.


4 responses to “More 2011 Posters!

  1. David,
    Love the posters. Great art as usual. Wish I could be there for the show. The least I can do is support the artists.

    My donation is also made in honor of my late father, Bruce Freiman, an artist who loved and taught printmaking and art using typography. These woodcuts in this style would have been right up his alley.
    Thanks for the memory.

  2. Actually, I may be able to attend and bring some friends who live close to the park. Hopefully, I will catch you there.

  3. By any chance will these posters be available on Sunday at the show in Brooklyn??

    Love your work–truly inspiring and would love to show my support …


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